Bluebonnet mails almost 63,000 paper bills a month. 
Each one costs 55 cents to produce and mail. 
That’s $415,800 of co-op members’ money annually. It’s 2.29 million pieces of paper that weigh about 11½ tons and consume nearly 300 mature trees. 
Today, it’s easier and safer than ever to kick the paper habit. Whether you use a computer at home, a tablet or your smartphone, you can take care of Bluebonnet business and have all of your account information at your fingertips.
There are plenty of practical reasons to go paperless, beyond a concern for the environment: 
  • It’s easier to keep track of your billing and account information online than on paper, and you have more access to your account details.
  • No more worries about a bill arriving late or your payment being late because of the mail.
  • You receive an automated email reminder about paying your bill before the due date.
  • You can pay your bill immediately if needed.
  • You save a stamp. Paperless billing is free.
  • Cut down on those stacks of paper that you never have time to organize and file.

Let’s get started: 
You must have an online account to go paperless. Don’t have one? Go here, and follow the prompts.
Next, log in to your online account, click on Preferences, confirm that we have your current email address on file, then scroll down.
Click the Receive Paperless Billing box and then the blue Save Changes box. 
You should get an email thank-you from Bluebonnet to make sure your email account accepts our emails. If not, we’ll call you to verify your email address.
On our mobile app, go to Profile, confirm that we have your current email address on file, select Paperless Bill and Edit, then choose Paperless Bill and Save