Renewable Energy

Generating Your Own Renewable Energy

If you'd like to install a wind or solar generation system on your property, our team will walk you through the process of connecting it to the Bluebonnet grid. There are no additional charges as long as existing lines and transformers are used.

Connecting Your Power Source to the Grid

Thank you for your interest in Bluebonnet’s renewable energy Net Metering Program (NMP).  This program is intended for Renewable Net Metering Producers of 10 kW or less. 

To ensure your renewable energy system is installed safely and to code, we ask that you review the Net Metering Program information provided below. 

Are You Ready to Get Connected? Here's How: 

Click the links below to access the estimated interconnecting schedule and forms required to begin the process of connecting your renewable energy system to the Bluebonnet distribution grid. 

Click here for the Interconnection Tariff
Click here for the Interconnection Timeline 

Net Meter Package Required Forms

Provide the following information and completed forms (Net Meter Package) to Bluebonnet before the interconnection process begins. 

  1. Click here for the Interconnection Agreement 
  2. Click here for the Renewable Energy Generation NMP (Net Metering Producer) Worksheet
  3. Diagram of Proposed Renewable Energy Generation Facilities including:
a. Inverter(s) or Generator(s)
b. Lockable Disconnect
c. Fusing or Bi-Directional Breaker
d. Manufacturer's Specifications for the Inverter(s) or Generator(s) 
The completed and signed Net Meter Package may be delivered to any Bluebonnet Electric service center or emailed to

How it Will Work

After you have completed your Net Meter package, and your wind or solar system have been installed, we'll install a meter that records how much energy you generate onto the grid.

How You're Billed

Most members with solar or wind systems still purchase energy from Bluebonnet each month. But if you generate more electricity than you consume, we'll buy it from you at wholesale generation rates. This will be monitored on your monthly bill and credited to your bill the following February.

See a breakdown of a sample Net Metering Bill

Other Useful Information

While installation can be expensive, tax credits can help you reduce the cost of your wind or solar system. 

For more information, call a member service representative at 800-842-7708 or visit one of our five Member Service Centers.

Green Energy Rates

There is an alternative way to participate in renewable energy. You can request our Green Energy Rate and we'll purchase your monthly energy from renewable wind power generated in West Texas and on the Texas Coast.

What it Costs

The Bluebonnet Green Energy Rate is a half-cent more per kilowatt-hour (kWh) ($.005) than our regular rate. For a member using 1,000 kWh of electricity per month, that translates to an additional $5 per bill.

Where it Comes From

Wind power is produced at the Indian Mesa and Delaware Mountain wind farms in west Texas and the Papalote Creek Wind Farm on the Texas coast.

Opt in

There are no activation or termination fees, and you can opt in or out at any time. The Green Energy Rate will go into effect at the beginning of your next billing cycle.

To opt in, visit a Member Service Center or call 800-842-7708.