How to use the Energy Tracker

Discover details of how much power you consume, what your costs have been, what the temperature outside was and your environmental impact. The instructional graphic below can help.
You can see use and cost data by the hour, day, billing period or year. Study this guide, then start using the Energy Tracker on your online account dashboard page. Did you see a day, or hour, when your electric use spiked? Do you know why that happened? You might find your power use can be slashed by simply adjusting the thermostat up or down a few degrees.

The Energy Tracker may not reflect your actual bill; slight discrepancies may occur due to outages or equipment errors. Please refer to your bill for exact meter readings and costs.
  1. See what matters to you
    Buttons let you switch to views of your costs, energy use and environmental impact.
  2. Drill down into hours, days, billing periods or years
    Filter lets you toggle between different timeframes. Scroll over any bar to see your cost for that period.
  3. Compare your data
    Bars show your current usage and those of previous months.
  4. Predict your next bill
    Know what to expect with a projection of your monthly bill, based on current energy use.
  5. See the impact of weather
    Turn on the temperature feature and a line graph shows the effect of temperature on your bill.
  6. Export your data
    Transfer your account data to a spreadsheet and customize your own report.

How You Use the Information

See Cost to Date

When you can see and compare your electric costs, you realize how a small change can reduce your monthly bills, allowing you to better control, analyze and predict your energy use.

  1. Find out how much you owe so far this month.
  2. Predict how much your next bill will cost.
  3. Compare your current costs to past months.
  4. Use the information to stick to a budget.

Track Energy Use

Find out exactly when and how much energy you and your family are consuming. This will help you create better strategies to cut back.

  1. Compare your current usage to past months.
  2. Review usage by hour, day, billing period or year.
  3. See spikes in consumption and look for potential causes.

View Environmental Impact

What does your energy use equal in tanks of gas? When you see the environmental impact of your energy use, it can motivate you to make a difference.

  1. See how energy use translates to cars on the road, trees planted, pounds of trash and more.
  2. Identify your carbon footprint by hour, day, billing period or year.
  3. Find out how the weather increases or decreases your carbon footprint.
  4. Compare your carbon footprint to previous months.

Monitor Peak Demand

Our large-power commercial members (above 50 kWh per month) can know how much energy they use and when they reach peak demand, plus how much their bill is projected to be at the end of their billing cycle.

  1. See day and time of peak demand.
  2. View projection of monthly costs and take steps to reduce usage.
  3. Plan for future energy costs based on previous months' demand.

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