Move over for line workers — it’s the law!


If possible, motorists must get out of the lane nearest any stationary vehicle with flashing blue or amber lights, or slow down to 20 mph below the posted speed limit. (Sarah Beal photo)

Most motorists know to move over a lane or slow down to 20 mph below the posted speed limit if a law enforcement vehicle has stopped another motorist on the side of a road or highway. But did you know that Texas lawmakers passed a bill in 2019 requiring the same protection for utility workers?
The state's Move Over/Slow Down law was expanded from police, fire, medical emergency, Texas Department of Transportation vehicles and tow trucks to include utility vehicles that are stationary with flashing amber or blue lights.
"Our crews in the field really appreciate members and other drivers abiding by this important law that helps keep line workers safe and able to focus on restoring power as quickly and safely as possible," said Heath Siegmund, Bluebonnet's manager of safety. "We still see motorists failing to move over or slow down, so we want to make sure they are aware of this law and why it's in place."

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