We’ve upgraded our outage map


Bluebonnet's new outage map features more accurate boundaries and the option to overlay weather.

Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative has rolled out a new outage map that offers additional features for members.

The new map shows more accurate boundaries of the service area, and a hexagon at the site of each outage indicates how many members are out of power in the outlined area. If the number of outages is more than three digits, the map will display an estimate. For example, “1k” would mean at least 1,000 members are without power.

A red hexagon means the outage has been reported and verified by Bluebonnet’s control center. Even if your outage appears to be verified, it’s best to report it in one of four ways: Text OUT to 85700 (Not enrolled? Text BBOUTAGE to that number), call 800-949-4414, go to or use our new mobile app (search “MyBluebonnet” in your app store).

An orange hexagon means the outage has been reported but not yet verified. Blue means the outage has been restored. When the hexagon shows the icon of a person in a hard hat, that means a crew has been assigned to restore power. Click on the symbols in the top right corner to see information on these features.

When you click in the bottom left corner of the map or on a hexagon, this feature pops up with details about the current outages. The icons and buttons at the top will show additional information.

Get more detailed information about an outage by clicking in the bottom left corner of the map or on any outage hexagon. Those details include when an outage started, the total number of outages, how many members are out of power now and in the past 48 hours.

Click on the map icon on the bottom left menu to switch between three views: standard, satellite and night view. You can also view the current radar.

Click on the weather icon to toggle between temperature, precipitation, heat index and wind. You can also see details about weather now and within the next 48 hours.

Some outages may appear to be clustered together until you zoom in. To zoom in and out of the map on a computer, use the roller on your mouse. You can also double-click on the section of the map where you want to zoom in. On an iPhone or iPad, double-tap or pinch fingers together or apart. On an Android device, triple-tap, then pinch fingers together or apart; triple-tap to zoom out.

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