2020 Scholarships of Excellence

Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative has awarded $150,000 in scholarships to 60 eligible high school seniors who graduated in 2020.

Half of the $2,500 scholarships went to students who are pursuing bachelor’s degrees, and the other half to students pursuing trade or technical certificates or associate degrees in a vocational field. 

The scholarships were awarded in April. In the past five years, Bluebonnet has given out $679,500 in scholarships to students from across the cooperative’s service area. 

Look for applications for 2021 scholarships on the cooperative’s website,, by Nov. 1. 

Academic Scholarships 

Alexandria Countouriotis, Burton High School
Alldyn Schroeder, Brenham High School 
Bailey Lyon, Giddings High School 
Brooke Vasquez, Smithville High School 
Cade Weiss, Burton High School 
Carolina Barboza, Manor New Tech High School 
Colby See, Snook High School
Erica Cepeda, Manor Senior High School 
Ethan Thomas, Navarro High School 
Fritz Anton, Lockhart High School 
Hailey Thornton, Seguin High School 
Harley-Anne Horn, Manor Senior High School 
Jenna Johnson, Caldwell High School 
Jordan Kelm, Brenham High School
Kate Kibby, Bastrop High School
Kate Urbanovsky, Caldwell High School 
Kaylin Krebs, Bellville High School
Layne Tharp, Somerville High School
Lettie Morris, Lexington High School
Lillian Hohlt, Bellville High School
Macy Alexander, Giddings High School
Macy Sweat, Lexington High School
Madison Cotton, Concordia High School 
Malorie Sanders, Lexington High School 
Marlizeth Castaneda, Cedar Creek High School
Mia Aschenbeck, Brenham High School 
Payne Allen, Cedar Creek High School 
Sarah Cook, Manor Senior High School 
Ty Patterson, Manor High School 
Zoey Croft, Bastrop High School 

Trade and Technical Scholarships 

Adriane Isabelle Justus Carvin, Giddings High School
Alysia Saldana, Dime Box High School 
Caitlyn Harman, Bastrop High School 
Caroline Frerich, Smithville High School 
Cecilia Fletcher, University of Texas at Austin High School 
David Davis, Snook High School
Emily Rivera, Lockhart High School 
Florecita Nava, Lexington High School 
Hayley Castillo, Round Top-Carmine High School
Jayce Cox, Elgin High School
Jordan Boecker, Brenham High School 
Kalep Toney, Dime Box High School 
Kalyn Springer, Lexington High School 
Katherine Banda-Segura, Lockhart High School
Ke'Asia Butler, Caldwell High School 
Kennedy Martin, Manor New Tech High School
Kymber Dean, Caldwell High School 
Kyndal Coufal, Burton High School
Logan Schwartz, Brenham High School 
Luke Dallmeyer, Round Top-Carmine High School
Marissa de la Rosa, Giddings High School 
Marti Roper, Bastrop High School
Megan McCarthy, Caldwell High School 
Micaela Garza, Caldwell High School 
Morgan Fayard, Bastrop High School 
Sahian Salas, Manor Senior High School 
Samantha Jackson, Prairie Lea High School 
Savana Taylor, Thorndale High School 
Tanner Lewis, Brenham High School
Trey Marroquin, Elgin High School 

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