Don't heat up the kitchen - instead, get your grill on!


As part of Bluebonnet's "20 days of energy savings" series on Facebook, we recently asked our fans to share their grilling recipes and secrets. Here are our top picks.
Grilling secrets
  • Clean grill after each use so next time you go to use it, it is ready to go. - Melinda Garza
  • Best pro tip is always clean the grates with raw white onion before each grill. - Ashley Salazar
  • Once cleaned, lightly oil the hot grill grates to prevent sticking. - Sara Clayton
  • When I fire up the grill I like to cook some ribs, chicken and burgers for later in the week and a steak for that night! Saves time and energy. - Sheryl Cooper Cotton
  • An ice cube in the middle of a hamburger patty while grilling keeps it moist! - Kelly Kitchens
  • After marinating meat, and before grilling, wipe off marinade so that you get a good sear on the meat. - Cindi L. Muff
  • Smokers work great in summer. Plug in, food in, set it and forget it. - Ginger Yocom
  • If you're making kabobs, use two skewers parallel to each other to make flipping the kabobs easier. - Anne Walthall Lehnick
Grilling recipes
  • Amarillo eggs are the best on the grill!!! Jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon! Love when the bacon gets crunchy on the ends! - Sydni Jeffress Wells
  • To make fajitas like they serve in restaurants, sprinkle liberally with fiesta fajitas seasoning, squeeze fresh lime over it and vacuum seal overnight. Tender and delish!! - Janice Dale
  • Shrimp and bacon wrapped jalapeños with cream cheese!! Yum! Yum! - Sandy Robbins
  • Asparagus wrapped in bacon. It's good eats. - Steven Baker

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