Bluebonnet dedicates substation in honor of longtime Director Lyle Wolz


Bluebonnet Board Chairman Ben Flencher (left), Mrs. Esther Wolz, and Bluebonnet GM Mark Rose (right) were joined by friends and family of former Bluebonnet Director Lyle Wolz Thursday, Feb. 5, at a dedication of the Lyle Wolz substation on Texas Highway 21 near Deanville.

Anyone who knew former Bluebonnet Board Director Lyle Wolz, who died in April 2014, remembers something special about him. It might be his beaming smile, quick wit or humor. Or maybe his absolute love for, and dedication and service to Bluebonnet, its members and employees. Now there is one more way to remember Wolz – Bluebonnet’s newly dedicated Lyle Wolz Substation on Texas Highway 21 near Deanville.

Wolz’s family, friends, fellow Bluebonnet directors and co-op employees dedicated the substation Thursday, Feb. 5, to honor and recognize his 30 years of service on the co-op’s board of directors.

“Lyle loved Bluebonnet and serving its members on the board of directors,” said Ben Flencher, Bluebonnet’s board chairman. “This is a perfect way to honor his memory and service to Bluebonnet. Lyle and I came on the board about the same time and he was a tremendous influence on me and all the directors. He never met a stranger and truly believed in the cooperative principles.”

Wolz served on Bluebonnet’s board from 1983 to 2013, including a 10-year tenure as board chairman. He succeeded his father, Ben, on Bluebonnet’s board. The Wolz family has a nearly 75-year legacy of leadership at Bluebonnet.
Lyle Wolz was born in 1935 in Deanville, and was raised on his family’s farm. Though military service and his distinguished professional career took him away from the community he loved, he returned to Deanville where he enjoyed the company of his family, especially his wife, Esther, and friends, and loved working on his family’s farm.

“Dedicating this substation to Lyle is such a fitting tribute,” said Mark Rose, Bluebonnet’s general manager. “Lyle’s life was about service, and the Lyle Wolz substation serves the area that he loved so much. It will be a permanent marker of his legacy to Bluebonnet and this community.”

The Lyle Wolz substation is one of 45 substations on Bluebonnet’s electric distribution system. It began operating in 1957, and was expanded in 1975. It is the second Bluebonnet substation named for an individual, and the only one to be dedicated to a Bluebonnet board member. The substation provides electricity to 5,259 meters through 1,010 miles of power lines from Deanville to Caldwell, Cedar Point, Lexington, Birch Creek, Dime Box and Giddings.

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