THE POLE STORY: Parts that bring power


DID YOU KNOW? The average span of wire between poles is 300 feet.  (Joe Stafford illustration from a Sarah Beal photo)

By Will Holford 

On a given day, on a typical drive, you zip past them by the dozens. They blur into the landscape of rolling fields, grazing cattle and gas stations.

Just for today, though, take a moment to give a Bluebonnet power pole a good look. Just what do all those lines and other pieces of equipment do? How tall is it? (If it’s wood, it’s 40 feet tall, but 6 of those feet are underground.)

Bluebonnet’s service territory is big — more than 3,800 square miles — and that means a lot of poles: 246,693, to be exact. Spanning them are about 11,000 miles of power lines. Stretched out, that’s the rough equivalent of four roundtrip drives from Smithville to Los Angeles. We are one of the largest electric co-ops in Texas, after all.

The poles support the distribution lines that allow us to provide safe, reliable power to our members.

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