MEMBER SERVICES Q&A: Reporting an outage


Dyanna Machinsky, member service representative

Q: What is the best way to report a power outage? 
A: Bluebonnet offers four convenient ways to report an outage – by text, online at, with a phone call or via our mobile app. 
To report by text, and get updates about the outage, register for our new TextPower feature. It’s easy: Text BBOUTAGE to 85700 and follow the prompts. 
You can also sign up for TextPower through our website, If you already have an online account, login and select Preferences. Scroll down to Outage Alerts, click on the Receive Alerts box and then click on the Save Alert Settings box. We will text a code to your mobile phone, which you can then enter online to complete the process. 
Make sure Bluebonnet has the number of the mobile phone on which you want to receive alerts. Scroll down to Outage Alerts, click the My Settings link and then update your information so the correct mobile phone number is on your account. 
Once you have registered, you can report outages on your mobile device by texting OUT to 85700 and you can receive updates by texting STATUS to 85700. 
If you have an online account, you can also report outages through bluebonnet. coop. On the home page, click Outage Map or Report Outage, in the top task bar. To create an online account, click on Register at the top right of the home page, then follow the prompts. 
You can also report outages anytime by calling our automated outage hotline, 800- 949-4414. 
A fourth option: Report outages through our mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones. Just tap Report Outage on the home page and you will be connected to our outage hotline. 
If you have questions or need assistance, call a member service representative at 800-842-7708 during business hours. 
— Dyanna Machinsky, member service representative

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