MEMBER SERVICES Q&A: Monitoring my usage


Jerry Krchnak, member service representative

Q: Sometimes, when I get my bill, I am a little surprised by the cost, or how much electricity I’ve used. Is there a way I can see when my bill is getting high, or if I’m using more electricity than normal? 
A: The answer is right at your fingertips: sign up to get text alerts from Bluebonnet. 
Alerts for your smartphone can be set to let you know when you: 
  • Exceed a certain dollar amount 
  • Reach a set energy use level 
  • Experience daily use spikes
  • Have outages at your service address 
To sign up, just log in to your account at, click on Preferences and choose which alerts you want. Make sure the smartphone number you’re going to receive texts on is included in your account information. That way our automated system can connect that phone number with your account. 
Do you already have our mobile app? It’s free for iPhones and Android devices. You can sign up for alerts there, too, as well as monitor your use and costs at any time. 
As for power outages, you have many ways to report them via your cell phone. You can always call our outage number, 800-949-4414, but you can also report the outage by texting “bboutage” to 85700 and following the prompts. You can report and monitor outages on our mobile app, as well. 
Don’t have a smartphone? All of these alerts are available via email. In addition, you can receive a weekly or monthly email report that provides your current cost, power use and environmental impact. 
For assistance with these features, just email us at or call 800-842-7708 to speak to a member service representative. 

— Jerry Krchnak, member service representative

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