MEMBER SERVICES Q&A: Requesting services online


Q: Where on your new website can I request a service, such as getting trees near power lines trimmed or having a security light fixed?

A:The new website makes it easier than ever to submit service requests for things such as trimming trees near power lines or repairing security lights. 

Regardless of what page you’re on while browsing, there will be a toolbar at the top of the page with a link titled “Request Service.” Click on this link to go to the Service Request page. From here, you have two options:

You can select your service request type (vegetation management, security light repair or other), enter your account login information and click “Continue.” This takes you to a prepopulated “Service Details” page where you should confirm your account number, service address and meter number (you will have dropdown options if you have multiple accounts or meters). Fill in the required missing information (indicated by red asterisks), and the closest pole to the location for the service if you know that information, then submit your request. 

Or, you can choose to submit a service request without logging in. To do this, select the desired service request from the drop-down menu (vegetation management, security light repair or other) and click on “Make a service request as a guest” link. This will take you to the Service Details page with a blank form. From here, fill in as much information as you can and submit your request.

Links to the Service Request page are also in the “How Can We Help You?” box in the Commercial and Residential sections of the website.

Please remember that service requests are not for emergencies. In an emergency, call 911. For an outage, call 800-949-4414.

— Mycha Harris,
member service representative


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