MEMBER SERVICE Q&A: Automated phone system


— Juanita Clopton,
member service representative


Automated phone system

Q: Why does Bluebonnet use an automated system to answer phone calls from people reporting power outages? 
A: That’s a great question and one we often get. The automated phone system can simultaneously answer 36 calls from people reporting power outages. During large outages, often during severe weather, we receive dozens of calls at a time, and hundreds of calls in a short period of time. The automated system answers those calls 24 hours a day, every day, including holidays and weekends. It is much more efficient than a call center staffed with people. 
When someone calls our outage number, 800-949-4414, he or she will select from varying options, depending on whether the system recognizes the number the person is calling from. The system will recognize a call from a Bluebonnet member whose phone number is associated with their account. 
Follow the prompts, which include an option to leave a message for control center operators. The call immediately goes into our outage management system, which notifies control center operators of the outage’s location. If the caller leaves a message, operators access it from their computers. Operators often contact callers to get more information or to report the status of the outage. 
The automated system is quick, efficient, easy to use and speeds power restoration. But it’s very important that we have current phone numbers for Bluebonnet members, including mobile phones, in order to accurately respond to an outage call. Members can update their account information by calling Bluebonnet’s member service representatives at 800-842-7708, or online at
— Juanita Clopton,
member service representative

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