Rachel Ellis, Chief Administrative Officer

As Chief Administrative Officer, Rachel Ellis oversees human resources, member services, facilities, safety and administration for Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative. She has more than 17 years of experience in the electric utility field. She also is Bluebonnet's liaison with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Rachel began working at Bluebonnet in 1997 as a human resources clerk and worked her way up as executive assistant, business manager and administrative services manager. Rachel lives in Giddings and attends St. Edward's University in Austin, where she is pursuing a degree in organizational communication with a minor in public safety. She is active in community events in Giddings, where she attended high school, and is involved in her children’s sporting events and extracurricular activites. She and her husband, Phillip, have two children.

Rachel on Bluebonnet's Foundation Values: Safety, Courage, Respect, Reliability, Community and Love.

Bluebonnet's core values create a family environment with a team focus that allows employees to work toward the same goals.

Rachel's personal energy-saving practice: Uses natural light instead of electric lights when possible.

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