2021 Drive-through Annual Meeting

Two incumbent directors re-elected to Bluebonnet's Board

Despite the threat of rain, almost 200 members of Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative breezed through the first drive-through Annual Meeting in the cooperative’s history on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. Under large covered tents in the parking lot of The Silos on 77 in Giddings, members stayed in their cars to get information about Bluebonnet. They chatted with the co-op’s Board of Directors, executives and employees and registered to win door prizes.

“We are all happy to return to having our Annual Meeting with members this year,” said Ben Flencher, Bluebonnet’s Board chairman. “It sure was nice to see and visit with our friends and neighbors, even if it was through their vehicles’ windows.”

Though communities and businesses are opening in the wake of COVID-19, out of caution for Bluebonnet’s members and employees, the drive-through format of the meeting, with employees wearing masks when communicating with members, reduced the risk of transmitting the virus.
During the Annual Meeting two incumbent directors were re-elected. The directors were Shana Whiteley, District 2, Travis County, and Bryan Bracewell, District 3, Bastrop County. “Congratulations to Directors Whiteley and Bracewell on being re-elected to our Board,” Flencher said. “Bryan and Shana bring their talents and years of experience doing business and living in their communities to our board room. They greatly contribute to Bluebonnet’s success and do an outstanding job representing our members and their co-op.”
Whiteley has served on Bluebonnet’s Board of Directors since 2017.
“Bluebonnet is an organization of exceptional quality and integrity,” Whiteley said. “Every decision is made with the utmost care and consideration for our members. It is my privilege and honor to be re-elected to the Board during this exciting time of growth and prosperity.”

Bracewell has served on Bluebonnet’s Board of Directors since 2018.
“I am honored and humbled to be re-elected to serve Bluebonnet’s members on the Board of Directors,” Bracewell said. “The commitment and care everyone at Bluebonnet has for the members and communities we serve are rooted in the co-op’s 82-year history. I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute to Bluebonnet’s success.”
More than 6,750 Bluebonnet members participated in this year’s Annual Meeting, either in-person or by submitting proxy forms. The proxies established a quorum for the Annual Meeting. There was no new business on the meeting’s agenda, but had there been, it would have been voted on by members being represented by their proxy.
“This was a wonderful Annual Meeting,” said Matt Bentke, Bluebonnet’s general manager. “We weren’t sure what to expect from a drive-through meeting, but, judging from my conversations with members, it was a great success. We are grateful for everyone who came by to ask questions, do a little business or just say hello, and appreciate all the members who were unable to attend the meeting but supported their cooperative by sending in their proxies.”
Bluebonnet members who submitted proxy forms were also entered into the drawings for numerous door prizes, including a 2008 Chevrolet 1500 extended cab being retired from the cooperative’s fleet and two Cub Cadet riding mowers. The names of winners for those prizes will be drawn Wednesday, May 12, 2021. Bluebonnet will contact those winners to arrange for their prize to be picked up or delivered. Prizes were paid for through donations from Bluebonnet vendors.  

Watch a video featuring highlights of this year’s Annual Meeting »
Download the Annual Meeting handout: Information, updates, condensed financial report from Bluebonnet leaders »

Digital handouts

These informational handouts were provided at the drive-through Annual Meeting. You may find them useful now or for future reference.
MyBluebonnet – learn about our self-service features »
Keeping Power Lines Safe – right-of-way and tree trimming »
All About Meters – technology, how to read your meter and more »
Consider Solar – overview of how solar energy works »
Connecting to the Grid, plus energy-saving tips »
Understanding Your Renewable Energy Bill »

Drawings and door prizes

Drawings for this 2008 Chevrolet 1500 extended cab as well as other door prizes (including riding mowers) will be Wednesday, May 12, 2021.* You won’t need to call Bluebonnet; we’ll call you if you’ve won!  
*Bluebonnet employees, members of the Board of Directors and spouses are ineligible to win. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Annual Meeting, and why is it important to attend? 

Bluebonnet’s Annual Meeting is one of the many benefits of being a member of an electric
cooperative. The meeting, held each year in May, offers members the opportunity to meet
the Board of Directors, the general manager and the co-op’s executive staff. Members at a
traditional Annual Meeting also elect directors and attend to any business that may come
before the membership. However, this year, due to COVID-19, the 2021 meeting was different. It was a drive-through event, and members will have the opportunity to receive co-op information, get refreshments and ask questions. No voting took place during the drive-through event.
How many Board of Director seats are up for election?

Two of the nine seats on Bluebonnet’s Board of Directors were up for election this year. The seats are from District 2, Travis County, and District 3, Bastrop County. Because the two incumbent directors were unopposed, they will be elected by general consent in accordance with Bluebonnet’s bylaws.

Bluebonnet’s service area is divided into seven districts. If the election were contested, could I vote for candidates in all districts or just the district in which I live?

During contested Board elections, co-op members can vote for directors in all districts. The districts in the co-op’s service area were drawn along Bluebonnet’s service area boundary and county lines. The seven districts are represented by one to three directors based on, among other things, the number of meters in each district. There are no contested elections in 2021.

What is proxy voting, and how does it work? 

Proxy voting allows members to designate another person to vote in his or her place. On the proxy, members can assign their vote to either Bluebonnet’s Proxy Committee or to an individual. Proxies are counted to ensure at least 1 percent of Bluebonnet’s members are present by proxy or in person in order to constitute a quorum. There will be no in-person voting at this year’s drive-through event. Only votes cast by proxy will be counted. 

Who serves on Bluebonnet’s Proxy Committee?

The Proxy Committee is composed of all Bluebonnet Board members whose terms are not currently up for election. This year’s Proxy Committee members are Ben Flencher, Byron Balke, Roderick Emanuel, Russell Jurk, Robert Mikeska, Debbi Goertz and Milton Shaw.

Could there be a vote? 

No voting took place at the Annual Meeting this year, there were no ballot items to be voted on. 

Can this proxy be used again at future Annual Meetings?

No, the proxy is valid only for the meeting specified on the proxy form.

Who administers the election?

Election Services Co., which is a third-party, independent vendor that specializes in administering corporate elections nationwide. It has the skills, experience and equipment to efficiently and accurately tally proxies and votes while adhering to the Federal Trade Commission’s Red Flag requirements that protect members’ confidential account information.

What if I have more questions?

Please call 800-842-7708 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, or email memberservices@bluebonnet.coop.