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Making a Service Request

You must establish a new account with Bluebonnet if:

  • The property doesn't currently have electric service
  • A new pole must be installed in order to reach the metering point.

To establish a new account please click here to complete an online service request, or contact your local Member Service Center by phone or in person.

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Making a New Service Appointment

All new members or current members who want to add a new meter to their account must sign Bluebonnet's Member Agreement before the request for service can be completed. The agreement must be signed electronically, either by email or by visiting one of the co-op's member service centers in Bastrop, Brenham, Giddings, Lockhart and Manor. If you have questions or need assistance, call member services at 800-842-7708.

Click here to view a sample of the Member Agreement.

Once a request for service has been submitted to Bluebonnet, a Bluebonnet representative will contact you to schedule a new service appointment.

A new service appointment lets us:

  • Establish where the poles, transformer and meter should be installed on the property
  • Determine whether any permits or easements must be secured, or whether any rights-of-way must be cleared or trimmed before the line is built; and
  • Provide you with a preliminary estimate of cost.

At your new service appointment, you should provide Bluebonnet with:

  • The location of the structure (four corners of where structure will be located clearly marked);
  • The location of the metering point (where meter will be located on house or pole clearly marked);
  • The location of the property lines, septic system, telephone, cable, gas and water lines, etc.; and
  • Access to additional easements in order to provide service to your location, as necessary (knowing your neighbors is helpful).
    Bluebonnet will provide you with the amp size of the meter loop required for the structure (click here for more information about meter loops).

Extending Existing Lines

Bluebonnet can extend existing primary-line facilities (power lines at 7,200 volts or more) to the overhead transformer that will service a new location. Typically, there is a contribution-in-aid-of-construction (CIAC) fee associated with such a line extension.

For more information about conditions and charges, please click on the type of line extension you're interested in:


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